Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know how to dance Argentine Tango. Can I join?

Yes! Come and get a glimpse of the culture, music, and dance. Watch, get to know people, and ask questions you might have. You will most likely take your first Argentine Tango steps here!

Is there a lesson before the social?

 Yes, there is one most of the time!  For up to date information on when there is a lesson, please check our events page. 

What is the cost?

The social is $10. If there is a lesson and you wish to take it, it will cost an additional $10.

If you are a non-dancer and are attending to watch, admission is free for your first time.

Where does Milonga Querida take place?

We dance at the beautiful Masonic Hall, located on 430 Churchill St. N, Ottawa, ON  K1Z 5C9.

When is Milonga Querida?

Milonga Querida takes place twice a month, on Saturday afternoons, and occasional Saturday evenings. We try to stick to 1pm-6pm time, however, we sometimes have to adjust to the availability of the Hall. Class is from 1pm-2pm, and the social is from 2pm-6pm. You can come and stay anytime between this time slot.

For up to date information, please check our events page.

What should I wear?

Milonga Querida is casual, unless we have an evening theme. So, come as you are or feel free to dress up if the mood strikes!

Do I need to have a partner?

No, you don't. You will get to know others with a common interest in tango who will be happy to chat and dance with you :)

What about parking?

You can park for free in the building parking spots, as well as in the parking lot of the school right beside us. Street parking is also available.

What does Milonga Querida mean?

Milonga Querida means Beloved Milonga (tango social in Spanish), and was named that with the intent to build a place where everyone happily gathers to come together as a community and strengthen and grow our roots. To read more, please take a look at our About Us page.

Is Milonga Querida child friendly?

Yes, please feel free to bring your little one, however, please note that they should not be running across the dance floor. Thank you!